Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I am deeply grateful to Jesus Christ for sharing with you a new piece of music entitled « Searching For A Spouse ». This piece is simply a reflection of my current search for a spouse with whom I can get along spiritually, morally and physically.

A spouse who can help me, encourage me, push me in my walk with Christ and who can also understand my family involvement, described in the music « Celine The Son Is With Us ».

I am not interested in the social, financial or career statues of a woman, but rather in virtue. This is something I have contemplated a lot, especially through the teachings of Jesus.

If you are a young man or woman, I sincerely encourage you to avoid the hookup culture or modern dating customs, but to focus on finding the right and best person for your life. It’s longer, harder, but much better. What they call outdated (marriage, courtship, staying pure for it) is actually excellence once you understand it. Don’t use your 20-30 years to accumulate long-term regrets or remorse.

If you are a virgin, be absolutely proud and grateful, what they call outdated is — again— excellence. Give it to someone who will be your other half forever, who truly deserves you. If you are no longer a virgin but want to rebuild yourself with God – after living in this culture, that is absolutely wonderful. God loves you and wants the best for you. He will surely bless you and honor your desire to follow Him. Don’t be impatient when it gets hard — but wait for God and His love.

I am writing this because I come from the modern dating world. I have had three relationships, but I would have preferred to have only one. I decided to get serious about my relationship at the age of 21. I’ve been single ever since.

The 20’s to 30’s are actually the most important years to build yourself. I encourage you not to fall into the « I have time », « I can have fun » trap. Beauty fades quickly. Time goes very fast. remorses are real. So is emotional pain. Your future is in your hands by God’s Kindness. Take it very seriously and get solid, the sooner the better! PS: I love you all so much, God bless you and God love you, Yours truly, E

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