Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I am deeply grateful to Jesus Christ for sharing with you a new piece of music entitled « Searching For A Spouse ». This piece is simply a reflection of my current search for a spouse with whom I can get along spiritually, morally and physically.

A spouse who can help me, encourage me, push me in my walk with Christ and who can also understand my family involvement, described in the music « Celine The Son Is With Us ».

I am not interested in the social, financial or career statues of a woman, but rather in virtue. This is something I have contemplated a lot, especially through the teachings of Jesus.

If you are a young man or woman, I sincerely encourage you to avoid the hookup culture or modern dating customs, but to focus on finding the right and best person for your life. It’s longer, harder, but much better. What they call outdated (marriage, courtship, staying pure for it) is actually excellence once you understand it. Don’t use your 20-30 years to accumulate long-term regrets or remorse.

If you are a virgin, be absolutely proud and grateful, what they call outdated is — again— excellence. Give it to someone who will be your other half forever, who truly deserves you. If you are no longer a virgin but want to rebuild yourself with God – after living in this culture, that is absolutely wonderful. God loves you and wants the best for you. He will surely bless you and honor your desire to follow Him. Don’t be impatient when it gets hard — but wait for God and His love.

I am writing this because I come from the modern dating world. I have had three relationships, but I would have preferred to have only one. I decided to get serious about my relationship at the age of 21. I’ve been single ever since.

The 20’s to 30’s are actually the most important years to build yourself. I encourage you not to fall into the « I have time », « I can have fun » trap. Beauty fades quickly. Time goes very fast. remorses are real. So is emotional pain. Your future is in your hands by God’s Kindness. Take it very seriously and get solid, the sooner the better! PS: I love you all so much, God bless you and God love you, Yours truly, E


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well! I am deeply grateful to Christ to share with you a new piece of music called « AZUSA STREET ».

It is part of a mini album of two versions. This first version is mostly orchestral, the second will be more trap/drill oriented.

The contemplation of the track is extremely important to me. As you friends come from all sorts of different spheres, I will try to keep it as simple as possible. Before — even though my music has the Bible as its contemplation — I make music for all of you, no matter what faith you hold, or what your social background is. I don’t make any difference, I love you all equally.

The Bible is a collection of many books in one. There is a book in the Bible called « The Book of Acts ». It tells what happened after the Crucifixion and Resurrection of The Person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Before ascending to Heaven, Jesus Christ asked His disciples to carry His message to the whole world. The main pillar of that message is: « Reconciliation with God, through the forgiveness of sins ».

For many of us, we don’t even know what « sin » is. According to Jesus, it is a law within us inherited from Adam (when He was the first to sin) that causes us to live badly.

This law of sin acts like a disease. It makes man incapable of pleasing God by his actions, his way of life and even his thinking. Furthermore, this law of sin has broken our relationship with God.

We have heard that Jesus came to save mankind. This phrase is very revealing. If we need to be saved by Him, it implies that we are truly lost — and that Christ has revealed the cause. (The Law of Sin).

According to the Scriptures, The Personality and Essence of God is composed of two main columns. Mercy and Holiness. Holiness is terrible. It does not tolerate any evil and is obliged to act against it with judgment. It is, in other words, the « Justice of God. »

If God does not judge evil at some point, we would not be able to attest that God is just. That is why God is obliged to act against it.

Now, if God has to judge evil, are we going to escape it? No, otherwise God would be partial in His Judgment. Even if it varies from person to person, the notion of Good and Evil is present in our hearts, and we know by instrospection when we do evil.

According to God’s Holiness, no one can escape it. This is the first column of His Essence.

The second column, as said above is Mercy. God Loved us so much that instead of being punished and destroyed by Him — because of our sins — He came to die in our place. He took upon Himself the Judgement of Sin we deserved so that we can escape and be saved.

Jesus was God manifested in a human body. When Jesus died on The Cross, He took your sins and mine into His Body. They were transferred from us to Him.

When He expired, our sins died in His Body.

What does this mean? It is called « The Good New » or, in more familiar terms, « The Gospel ». If you sincerely trust in The Sacrifice of Jesus, you will avoid the judgment of God. You will not have to answer for all the wrongs you have done. Jesus paid the price for them.

This will produce in you what is called « repentance. » This means a complete change of lifestyle from the old to the new that truly pleases Christ, because of your trust in His Sacrifice. You were born again the minute you accepted Jesus into your heart. You started a New Life with Him.

This is the message of Jesus Christ for planet Earth. Going back to the Book of Acts and the meaning of music, Jesus said that His message had to be backed up by Divine interventions so that people could be sure.

Divine interventions can be echoed here: healing the sick, casting out demons and performing miracles in His Name.

This is what happened in the book of Acts. This book is a rolling fire. The followers of Christ began to heal the sick in miraculous ways. Some of them even teleported from one place to another. Others raised the dead. God was attesting His Message with them.

This phenomenon was so intense that Christianity spread very quickly, from Jerusalem to the entire Roman Empire in less than a century. Unfortunately, this model in the book of Acts was more and more abandoned. However, not by everyone.

I cannot mention them all here. I am focusing on the Azusa Street Christians. Beginning in 1906, Biblical Christianity revival swept across America like a tornado of fire. It came to extinguish religious formalism and human traditions not written in the Bible. The sick were miraculously healed to levels that make human understanding dizzy.

Céline, The Son Is With Us

Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope that you, your families and friends are all fine! I’m deeply grateful to God, to share with you a new piece of work called « Céline, The Son Is With Us ».

This orchestration is probably one of the most important and personal I have ever worked on. It is about my sister, « Céline » and her handicap. It is an expression of my personal and everyday life with her and my mother. I never expressed this side of my life, but I felt it was time for multiple reasons. Personal and metaphysical.

About the personal ones : when I don’t make music, my mother and I’s lives, gravitates around her, because of the assistance she needs everyday and every night. Even thought I’m nothing — Céline is responsible for the person I am, and I’m trying to become. Even though it isn’t always easy, it turned out to be one of the greatest blessing I have ever received. I don’t think I would have come to a personal and living Faith in Christ Jesus without her and my mother. I owe her my life!

About the metaphysical ones : The music is first an offering to the Living God — thanking Him for her. The expression « The Son Is With Us » serves to represent Jesus and His constant presence in the middle of that situation. Secondly, the music itself is a request: that God would heal her totally — as He did many times— with many severe diseases throughout history. If you ever feel inclined to pray for her, know that It would mean a lot to me, and I pray that God rewards you.

This music is connected to the story of other composition, such as « Laying Hands On Baldwin IV ». And « By His Stripes We Are Healed ».

About the construction of the piece: the first leitmotiv you hear in the piano in the very start represents Céline and her handicap. The rain you hear all along the piece represents the tears. The entire orchestration, drums, strings, choirs, winds, represents the Aggressiveness, Majesty and Force of The Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth — slaying enemies rising in the middle of the path, slaying even her sickness.

At 2:52, it focuses more on the Aggressiveness of the Messiah, destroying ennemies after ennemies which symbolically represents obstacles in ones’s life. The artwork is a representation of Céline when she was a kid. It was done by the beloved Eugénie Frézier Gavand, such a heartfelt artist I deeply love. Feel free friends to support her on her instagram, if you like her talent!… Love you all! God bless you!!

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We Love Him Because He First Loved Us

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing great!

I’m deeply grateful to God to share with you a new piece of work called « We Love Him Because He First Loved Us ».

It’s a contemplation of two passages from the first Letter of John — one of the twelve disciples of Christ. The first passage is the fifth chapter, verse 7. If I have time, I will try to describe the whole story behind that particular verse.

It goes : « For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. ».

The second verse is the very title of the piece, in the fourth chapter, verse 19.

John, composing this letter, is now an older person. And when writing those beautiful words, he might have wrote them, remembering all the beautiful moments He had with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Himself.

Those words from John are heavy and honest, and you can feel the profound history of them. John eyewitnessed everything, even The Crucifixion. He was with Jesus, when Jesus started. He thus has a unique position in sharing those words.

I personally gave my life to Christ-Jesus, twelve years ago, because He first Loved me as John wrote. Not in a church, nor a denomination, but alone in my room, after having read the Gospels and prayed. I hadn’t ever searched Him nor loved Him before He did. And if you personally believe in your heart, God loves you too.

God bless you all!

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Smooth Criminal

Hello everyone, I hope that you and your loved ones are doing great. I hope that your summer is beautiful! I’m profoundly grateful to God to share with you this small piece of work. It is a cover of the song «Smooth Criminal » from Michael Jackson. I believe it to be my favorite song of his.

This cover is dedicated to my brother @Elunyl. It is out today because of his birthday. Happy Birthday brother. It is Matthew, who introduced me to Michael Jackson’s work years ago, I owe him so much. I sincerely love you brother. God bless you and keep you.

About the cover, I changed a bit the lyrics. The idea was to paint the encounter of the Holy-Ghost (which is Jesus, in the Spirit Form) within a human heart. When God comes to you, you won’t be the same ever. It is the most beautiful experience a human can live, you heart open, your eyes open, your ears open. You start to understand the reality of God and His infinite Love for you. 

About the lyrics : « And He Blessed You With His Bloodshed ». It relates the day of Crucifixion When Jesus was put to torture and Death, taking Himself the Judgement we deserved because of our sins. Instead of you — paying the price for your own wrong doings — He paid it Himself, with His own Body — so that you don’t have to suffer from them. « Annie Are You Okay » in that context, is simply asking how one feels when the intensity of God comes upon. « I know you okay » because — when Christ comes to you — it is always beautiful and amazing. « The He struck you, the Holy Ghost, Annie ».

Trying to convince here the amazing power of God, and the conviction He provides in one’s heart. So huge that it literally struck one at all levels in all spheres . About the video : The idea was to contemplate Holiness and its ascendance, the long-lasting pleasure it provides and this, in all spheres of life.

The ballet art made me think of this. The intensity and grace of each movement translate something wonderfully deep and holy. Something related to perseverance and glory. It creates a sense of gravity really different.

The video was shot by the amazing filmmaker Cotton Bro.

Few Biblical verses concerning the Holy Spirit :

1) — Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Acts 2:38

2) — They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts 2:3-4

3) — But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

4) — But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. John 14:26

If you want to receive the Holy Spirit, ask God, everyday to send it to you. He will! Wait patiently, even if you don’t see it all of a sudden!

Ah friends, apologies if it is not perfect. I hope you catch the idea behind. Love you all so much, whoever you are God bless you!

By His Stripes We Are Healed

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing great! I’m deeply grateful to Christ to share with you a new piece of music called «By His Stripes We Are Healed». It’s a contemplation of the 53rd chapter of the book of Isaiah in the Bible. If you already read the description of the music «Laying Hands On Baldwin IV», you might understand this music better. Its main purpose is for people to be healed from their sickness and to get saved. As you friends come from different backgrounds, I will try to stay the most simple possible.

Disclaimer : Here, I only share the Biblical frameworks of Salvation and Healing. I will only stick to Scriptures. If you aren’t aware of theology, you might think, for instance, that the catholic theology is identical to the Biblical one. Both are different — even though they share identical teachings. That is why I only stick to the Original framework, so that we can all have the same foundation while studying it.

There will be two parts, one concerning «Salvation » and the other «Healing ». Isaiah was a Hebrew prophet of God that lived in Israel, circa 600 years before Jesus. He is famous because of the accuracy of the prophecies He gave. One of them concerns the coming Savior of Mankind. It relates how this Savior must suffer, die and resurrect.

Why does the Savior have to suffer, die and resurrect? To answer fully this question, we need to first observe the very nature of God. The nature of God means, His personality, His character, His constitution — what He likes and dit not likes. The Scriptures says that God is Holy. It means that God is too pure to tolerate evil. If God is Holy, He will need to punish evil at some point — otherwise — He wouldn’t be Pure.

In Scriptures, «Evil» is also called «Sin» — a term way more powerful than «a mistake» or «error.» What is evil, what is sin? It is simply a transgression of the moral Law of God.

When we introspect ourself, we also witness that, within our hearts, we also aim for justice. Even though our judgement on it isn’t perfect, we complain when horrors happen, and we desire the guilty to pay the price of their evil. If someone steals from us, won’t we complain for justice?

Now, it is the exact same thing with God — But bigger and perfect. If we measure ourself within God’s moral standards, it would not take long to realise that we also are guilty. For the reason that God’s Justice surpasses all man-made justice — And it’s honestly terrifying.

A simple lie is enough for God to annihilate us. To help us seize the contrast, let’s only take a moment to humbly think of our own sins — If we can, let’s put them right in front of us, whatever the sin, lying, stealing, hating. All the possible evil we did, in thoughts or in action — since we are here on earth.

Imagine that our sins are now displayed into a kind of Giant Screen on Judgement Day. How horrible would it be? Even the smallest secret evil thought would be displayed! It’s true, we wouldn’t stand a minute confronted to God’s Holiness.

The goal in this first section is to humbly make us realize how morally guilty and lost we are, how desperate is our case — if we sincerely measure ourself to God’s Holiness.

Its true, secular morals will always change. On some day, it can be said that lying, or cheating is vertu! We cannot rely on secular justice to understand how sad our moral case is. It is way too unstable, unreliable. Secular justice won’t make us feel bad about our behavior. Going back to God’s Holiness — even though we might have accomplished good deeds, we would still need to pay the price of the evil ones. That’s what Holiness is about, it is absolute.

What would be the verdict of God, if we would stand right before him, at Judgement Day? Would we be guilty or acquitted? We would be guilty and therefore, we would be obligated to pay fully the price of what we did. What is the coast? It sounds desperately sad and terrible, but it’s Damnation and Death. Death of our bodies, mind and soul. That’s how severe God’s Holiness is. That’s a side of God that is not well known today, because of the terror that it really inspire. Is it any way to escape?

I invite you to keep reading, exploring this time another side of the nature of God. God is also Love. We have seen that His Holiness is absolute, we would not stand a second. As absolute it is — so the Love of God.

God so loved us, that He decided to become one of us. He created Himself a body in which He spent 33 years.

And, in His earthly life, He never sinned. He lived a morally perfect life. He never lied, He never stole, He never did any kind of possible evil. But that is not all. Remember the punishment of death we deserved? He transferred it to Him and died instead of you and me at the Cross.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ was crucified? It was for that very reason. He became a substitute for mankind. Everytime you look at a cross, you can know what it means fully now.

He suffered Himself the price of yours and mine sins. Not only that — but He destroyed them in His Body once for all. Keep your sins right in front of you, as much as you can. Imagine now that all of them — one by one — are canceled and destroyed. Remember the big screen of Judgement Day written above? It’s now a white and pure screen! Your case is acquitted. Exactly as if you would have never sinned at all. There have been a transfer of sins in order for you and me to be saved — to bypass God’s Judgement.

Pardon the repetition, but God loved you so much, that, instead of punishing you, He punished Himself. He took upon Him the ravaging Punishment we all deserved. How extraordinary is this? God Himself! The Absolute Holy God described above, the One that cannot tolerate the slightest evil! It is a Love beyond human conception.

That’s the heart of the mighty prophecy that the prophet Isaiah wrote. (Remember, Jesus was not even born yet! It was 600 years before He came on earth) Here is a passage :

« Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. ». Book of Isaiah, chapter 53.

How to be acquitted?

If you put your trust in Jesus-Christ of Nazareth, if you sincerely believe that your sins have been transferred and destroyed in His Body for you to be Saved, You will be saved. 

It is also said that Jesus-Christ of Nazareth resurrected from the dead, why? Not only He destroyed sins, but also death at the same time. Death is a curse to mankind due to sin. That is why we all die.

But in order for you to obtain Eternal Life, Jesus-Christ destroyed death in His body as well. Everything in your life will become new the moment you trusted the Sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus-Christ to Save you.

You won’t pass by God’s Judgement. That’s why we call this « The Good New.». He needed to satisfy His Holiness, otherwise — again — He wouldn’t be Holy.

After trusting in Jesus’s Sacrifice and Ressurection for you — your desires will change, your purpose, your way of living, everything will tend to excellency and Goodness. Your relationship with God is re-established. Your heart will desire to please Him because you have been touched by the Love He demonstrated for you, when He died at the Cross and Resurrected.


Now comes the second part regarding Healing. When Jesus was put to torture, he offered us something else. Healing. He unlocked an unlimited source of healing power so that we can taste the Love He has for us. He obtained it because of His Suffering. The present music was created specifically for people to be healed from their sickness whenever they listen to it. Or, if we know sick people around us the idea is to pray for them until something happen. If you know someone’s who’s sick, feel free to put his name in the comment section, and we will ask God to remember each one of them!

I have prayed over it, and I will keep praying so that it can be manifested in your life. This music isn’t mine, but of Christ, it is His work and it is for everyone. If you already are a Christian, I humbly ask you, with all my heart, to pray over it too, so that the music can become effective in healing all kind of sickness.

In Scriptures, it says that The gift of healing was so strong with Peter, that his shadow was healing people! Clothes that touched the disciple Paul healed tons of people as well!

I humbly believe, that, if we combine all of our prayers and faith upon this music, it can do the same. We cannot be everywhere at once, but this humble music can travel faster than us! May God bless you and remember your prayers, may you find them in blessings all over your life.

God bless you,


The Taste of Your Lips

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all doing great! I’m deeply grateful to God to share with you a new piece called « The Taste of Your Lips ».

It is a musical contemplation of Biblical Sexuality and its importance. As many of you come from different backgrounds, I will try to share my thoughts in a simple way. (I will write a second part down below if you want to investigate the topic more). Pardon me, it is far from perfect, but I hope you catch the thought behind!

Disclaimer : Here, I only share the Biblical Ideal of sexuality. I will only stick to Scriptures. If you aren’t aware of theology, you might think, for instance, that the catholic theology is identical to the Biblical one. Both are different — even though they share identical teachings. That is why I only stick to the Original framework, so that we can all have the same foundation while studying it.

Disclaimer II : I’m not saying, that, if this description doesn’t match your life, your love isn’t true or sincere! The purpose — if it resonates with someone — is to encourage everyone to aim for a higher standard of sexuality.


Sexuality — according to Scriptures — is incredibly important. It is for many reasons. There is a whole book in the Bible, glorifying the very act of falling in love and making love. It is called, « The Song of Songs », (written by Solomon, the son of King David, the one that slayed Goliath). It is crucial for the reason that it was intended and created by God — both for pleasure and for having children.

It is this considerable that God desires to protect it with Marriage, I will explain later. I have found that, there is a whole level of sacredness, meaning and depth — regarding it — that cannot be found anywhere in the secular world but in Scriptures.

New layers, that takes sexuality to a whole new dimension of appreciation and beauty. The main layers can be resumed as such : origin — meaning — sacredness — structure. If sexuality is from God, you automatically have foundation for it: «Origin ». If God made it , then He did it for a reason, so you by default have « Meaning ». If God created sexuality then you also have «Sacredness», for the reason that God is the Ultimate Being. And finally, if God made it, He must have given «Structure» to make it full.

Aren’t we amazed when we see a beautiful painting? We already are in that very basic stage. Now imagine that the painter comes next to us and start to explain the meaning out of it : the choice of that or this color, the shades achieved here and there, or that human expression hidden in the background, wouldn’t we be more amazed? Now that we understand the painting fully, our pleasure increase. It is the exact same thing with Biblical Sexuality. There is a time of understanding that unlocks this level of appreciation and pleasure.

I mentioned marriage and protection above, because it is connected to two other spiritual layers that are not well known. For the first one, God says that, when we make love, we become one with the person — not only physically, but spiritually. Not metaphorically — but in reality — and it can become a great danger. God wants us to become one with one person only, and not many.

It says for instance, that if one makes love with a prostitute, the person becomes the prostitute. That is why the Bible is against the practice of «Fornication », not to make us miserable, not to irritate us, not to private us, but to elevate us and avoid us great dangers. Source. I underlined a spiritual layer here, but we already know from a natural perspective that it also avoids us a great deal of sickness or diseases. Marriage sets automatically a high standart in making your choice and act like a protection from non-serious persons.

The second one is the most important layer of all. It symbolizes the whole purpose of Salvation achieved by The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus calls — all the one that believes in Him — His bride. God wants us — not only as children — but as bride. God Himself is searching a Spouse to marry and to become one with! That is why the union between a man and a woman has infinite depth, once you see it as God sees it. The very purpose of it reveals the greatest desire of God’s heart!

God’s plan for mankind is to find one life-long perfect husband or wife. (I mean by perfect, someone that fits you well, and vice-versa). And within that structured relationship constant, protected and beautiful sexuality, lived in fullness.

That’ the purpose of the track, to embrace it with all your heart, and to not despite it, to not private yourself from it, to not see it as unholy or ungodly. In that second part, I will let the Bible speaks so that you can catch the intensity intended.


In the Bible, In the book of Proverbs, written by Solomon, it goes : « May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer— may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love. ». Source

See only here — how much the physical is important — and the intensity described with the following expressions :

1) « be intoxicated with her love ». The Hebrew word for « intoxicated » is « shagah » which means « to wander » in her love. It also has a meaning of «wandering in drunkness». Source

2) « May her breasts satisfy you always » The Hebrew word for « satisfy » is : « ravah » which means : to be drunk, to saturate, to drink in full. In another term, to be drunk of sexuality with your wife. That’s the intensity presented in Scriptures. Source

3) Obverve the words « always» and « ever be», demonstrating how constant sexuality must be within the married couple!

In the Book of « Songs of Songs », it goes:

« How fair and pleasant you are, O love, with your delights! Your stature is like a palm tree, your breasts are clusters of fruit. I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.”May your breasts be like clusters of the vine, the fragrance of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the finest wine. Source

Another verse from the woman perspective :

« My beloved is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts. ». Source

« Come into your garden, my love; taste its finest fruits. ». Source

Still in the Bible, Paul, discisple of Christ, talking about sexuality writes :

 « Let the husband render unto the wife her due: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. » Source

 « Defraud ye not one the other, except it be by consent for a season, that ye may give yourselves unto prayer, and may be together again, that Satan tempt you not because of your incontinency. » Source

Paul says that the couple should always practice their sexuality, and not to stop it, except for a time, if they both want to concentrate more intensely on praying and fasting.

« The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. » Source

What Paul is saying here is, If the woman has sexual needs, the husband should never private or frustrate her. And vice-versa, observe the intensity described here! How sexuality is important in the whole Bible!

Jesus-Christ says : « And the two shall become one flesh’; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. » Source

Laying Hands On Baldwin IV

Bonjour à tous,

J’espère que vous allez tous très bien !

Je suis reconnaissant de partager avec vous un nouveau morceau de musique appelé  » Laying Hands on Baldwin IV « . Ce qui signifie « Imposer les mains sur Baudoin IV ».

Cette composition fut l’une des plus importantes à écrire. Importante surtout dans le domaine métaphysique. J’ai récemment découvert l’histoire d’un Roi dont le nom était Baudoin IV. Il était franc et fut le roi de Jérusalem de 1174 à 1185 après Jésus-Christ.

Il a été, durant toute sa vie, lépreux et est mort à l’âge de 24 ans. Il a sauvé plusieurs fois son royaume, a été un puissant guerrier et a fait de son mieux pour maintenir la paix avec le monde musulman durant sa vie. Vous l’avez peut-être connu artistiquement dans le film  » Kingdom of Heaven, (surtout dans la version Director’s cut) « .

Seulement quelques fois dans ma vie, mon cœur a été brisé de la sorte. Une fois après avoir lu les Évangiles et regardé la Passion du Christ. (J’ai eu besoin de prendre une décision après cela). Deuxièmement, en lisant l’histoire de Saül et du roi David, dans les deux livres de Samuel de la Bible. Troisièmement en lisant le Petit Prince. Quatrièmement Baudoin IV. J’ai eu besoin de prendre une décision après cela aussi.

Avant d’aller plus loin, j’aimerais faire une simple mise en garde. Bien que je partage ici mon point de vue de chrétien biblique, cette description — ainsi que toute la musique que je partage avec vous — s’adresse à tout le monde (athées, agnostiques, polythéistes, juifs, musulmans, etc.) Je vous aime tous de la même façon, et je vous respecte tous de la même façon. Je ne fais aucune distinction d’aucune sorte lorsque je partage mes opinions personnelles, je suis simplement transparent. Et je n’imposerai jamais mes convictions à qui que ce soit. Je m’excuse pour ce long texte ! Il sera principalement axé sur les Écritures.

Note : Pour ceux qui se demandent ce qu’est le Christianisme Biblique : C’est faire confiance uniquement à la Bible en matière de foi, et rien d’autre. Par exemple, l’Église catholique fait confiance à la Bible et aux traditions de l’homme. Les orthodoxes font de même : Bible + tradition. Par exemple, il n’y a pas de clergé, de pape, de prières aux saints, de prières à Marie, de purgatoire dans la Bible. Cependant, encore une fois — pour clarifier — je considère tous les chrétiens du monde entier comme mes frères dans la foi, quelles que soient les dénominations, je les aime tous de la même façon. Le roi Baudouin IV, était catholique.

Pour revenir à ce que j’ai dit plus haut, j’ai dû prendre une décision après avoir rencontré la vie de Baudouin IV. La décision de faire des personnes malades une priorité dans ma vie — comme le Seigneur Jésus-Christ l’a enseigné — en accord avec mes humbles capacités d’être humain. Plus précisément, de prier pour eux jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient parfaitement guéris — quelle que soit la maladie. Cela s’appelle  » Imposer les mains aux malades « . (Livre de Marc, chapitre 16, verset 18).

Si vous avez déjà lu le Nouveau Testament, vous remarquerez que la vie de Jésus a été concentrée sur la guérison des malades, la chasse des démons, la proclamation du pardon des péchés et de la repentance. Il n’a jamais cessé de le faire. Lorsqu’il a offert sa vie comme substitut pénal pour les péchés de l’humanité, et qu’il est Ressuscité, Il a ordonné à ceux qui voulaient le suivre de faire exactement comme lui (proclamer le pardon des péchés, la repentance, guérir les malades, etc.) Voici quelques références bibliques au cas où vous voudriez lire :

1 : Livre de Matthieu, chapitre 10, verset 8.

2 : Livre de Marc, chapitre 16, versets 17-18.

3 : Livre de Jean, chapitre 14, verset 12.

4 : Livre de l’Apocalypse, chapitre 2, verset 26.

5 : Première lettre aux Corinthiens, chapitre 12, verset 9.

6 : Livre de Luc, chapitre 6, verset 40.

7 : Livre de Matthieu, chapitre 17, versets 14. à 20.

8 : Première lettre aux Corinthiens, chapitre 14, verset 1. verset 12.

Pour clarifier le contexte :

Lorsqu’une personne se repent de ses péchés (c’est-à-dire qu’elle est convaincue dans son cœur d’être moralement coupable devant un Dieu Parfait, Bon et Saint) et accepte que le Christ prenne la punition qu’elle mérite — en offrant sa vie sur la Croix — elle reçoit instantanément un pardon parfait et un salut parfait. Tous ses péchés, ses échecs moraux, etc., ont été transférés et entièrement détruits dans le corps du Christ lorsqu’Il est mort. Toutes les charges légales ont été totalement annihilées.

Cela signifie que, lorsque vous vous présenterez devant Dieu, vous serez proclamé « Juste », aucune puissance de condamnation légale ne pourra se dresser contre vous — pour la raison même que vous avez fait confiance au Don de substitution pénale que Dieu a offert à travers la personne du Christ. Et, aussitôt que la personne s’est repenti, celle-ci hérite du don de la Vie Éternelle.

Note : Certains se sentent intrinsèquement coupables de péché par simple introspection, même sans connaître Dieu ou la Bible. Pour d’autres, il peut être moins évident d’identifier sa propre condition de pécheur (c’était mon cas, j’avais du mal à réaliser que j’en étais un). Pour ceux-là, afin de se sentir condamné par ses péchés — car la morale séculaire change toujours — il faut se mesurer à la norme morale de Dieu. Quelques exemples : (Mentir, voler, tuer, blasphémer, idolâtrer, beaucoup d’autres). Si donc, je mesure ma vie morale à travers la norme morale de Dieu, la réponse est simple : Devant un Dieu Saint et Puissant, je suis coupable d’avoir enfreint sa norme morale. Consciemment ou non.

Ainsi, une fois qu’une personne s’est repentie, elle reçoit ce que la Bible appelle : le Saint-Esprit. (Livre des Actes des Apôtres, chapitre 2, versets 38, 39).

C’est l’Esprit de Dieu qui vient vivre en elle et la change complètement. Par son Esprit, cette personne peux vraiment aimer Dieu, et aimer les gens. Elle peux vivre selon les normes de Dieu beaucoup plus facilement, parce que elle les comprends et qu’elle en prends plaisir — même si cette dernière peux encore faire des erreurs — ce n’est pas comme sa vie passé. Et l’Esprit de Dieu vous transformera pour devenir comme Jésus, celui donc qui a offert sa vie en substitution pénale pour l’humanité.

Dans son cheminement chrétien, à un moment donné de sa vie, il faut demander à Dieu des dons — si on ne les a pas encore — pour pouvoir travailler efficacement. Dans le cas présent : le don de guérison, cité dans la première lettre aux Corinthiens, au chapitre 12, verset 9. La Bible dit que les dons doivent être utilisés pour le bien commun (tant pour les croyants que pour les non-croyants). Pas pour des spectacles, ni pour la gloire, ni pour des motifs d’intérêt personnel. Ils sont destinés à servir les autres et non à être servis.

J’en suis à ce point, je sais que j’ai besoin de recevoir la Miséricorde et la Compassion d’en haut, afin que prier pour les malades — jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient parfaitement guéris — et que cela puisse devenir une passion pour moi. Je vois trop de gens malades autour de moi, et je ne peux plus vivre comme ça, surtout en connaissant mes responsabilités théologiques devant Dieu et les autres. La rencontre de la vie de Baudoin m’a fait réaliser cela complètement. Si vous le voulez, et si vous en avez le temps, pensez à moi dans vos prières, afin que Dieu puisse se souvenir de mes demandes. Je n’ai pas une haute opinion de moi-même, parce que je sais que je suis faible. Cependant, je ne veux pas utiliser cela comme une excuse à la complaisance.

J’ai fait une autre vidéo, illustrant la musique avec le film  » Kingdom of Heaven  » pour vous inviter à voir d’autres vidéos qui ont changé mon cœur :

En ce qui concerne l’esthétique de la musique : j’ai essayé d’illustrer le monde oriental dans lequel vivait Baudoin par la guitare haute Baglama, le ney persan, le mey turc et le violon turc. En ce qui concerne ses origines francophones, par des instruments occidentaux . J’ai tenté d’illustrer l’intense solitude du roi Baudoin due à sa maladie par des notes de piano nues au tout début. Ensuite, les nouveaux éléments qui arrivent servent à illustrer sa Royauté (CUivres), sa Force puissante (Chœurs Fortissimo), sa Noblesse profonde (Chœur d’hommes), sa Beauté intense (Chœur de sopranos).

Encore toutes mes excuses pour ce très long post,

Je vous aime tous très fort.

Dieu vous bénisse


Laying Hands On Baldwin IV

Hello everyone,

I hope that you’re all doing great!

I’m grateful to share with you a new piece of music called « Laying Hands on Baldwin IV ».

This composition is one of the most important I have ever worked on. Especially in the metaphysical realm. I recently discovered the story of a King whose name was Baldwin IV. He was a franc and was the King of Jerusalem during 1174 to 1185 AD. He was, during all of his life, a leper and died at the age of 24. He saved multiple times his kingdom, was a mighty warrior and did his best to keep peace with the Muslim world during his life. You might have known him artistically in the movie « Kingdom of Heaven, (Especially in the Director’s cut Version) ».

Only few times in my life, my heart got broke like this. Once after reading the Gospels and watching the Passion of Christ. (I needed to take a decision after that). Second, in reading the story of Saül and King David, in the two books of Samuel from the Bible. Third after reading the Little Prince. Fourth Baldwin IV. I needed to take a decision after this too.

Before to go further, I put a simple disclaimer here. While I will share my view as a Biblical Christian, this description — as well as all the music shared with you all — is for everyone (atheist, agnostics, polytheists, jews, muslims etc). I love you all the same, and respect you all the same. I don’t make any distinction of any kind when I’m sharing my personal views, I’m simply being transparent. And I will never force my belief upon everyone. I apologies for the long text! It will be mostly focused on Scriptures.

Note : For those who wonder what Biblical-Christianity is: It is trusting only the Bible in matter of Faith, and not anything else. For example the Catholic Church trusts the Bible + traditions of man. Orthodox the same, Bible + tradition. For instance, there is no clergy, pope, prayers to the saints, prayers to Mary, purgatory in the Bible. However, again — to clarify— I consider all Christians from all over the world as my brethren in faith, whatever the denominations, I love them all the same. King Baldwin IV, was a catholic.

To go back to what I have said above, I needed to take a decision after encountering the life of Baldwin IV. The decision to make sicks persons a priority in my life — as Jesus Christ taught — In accordance to my own humble capacities as a human. In more details, to pray for them until they are perfectly healed — whatever the disease. It is called « To Lay Hands on the Sicks ». (Book of Mark Chapter 16, verse 18).

If you ever read the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus’s life was concentrated on healing the sick, casting out demons, proclaiming the forgiveness of sins and repentance. He never stopped doing that. When He offered His life as a penal substitute for the sins of mankind, and Resurrected, He commanded the ones who wanted to follow Him to do exactly like he did (To proclaim the forgiveness of sins, repentance, to heal the sick etc). Here are some Biblical references in case you want to read :

1: Book of Matthew, chapter 10, verse 8.

2: Book of Mark, chapter 16 verse 17-18.

3: Book of John, chapter 14 verse 12.

4: Book of Revelation, chapter 2, verse 26.

5: First letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12, verse 9.

6: Book of Luke, chapter 6, verse 40.

7: Book of Matthew, chapter 17, verse 14. to 20.

8: First letter to the Corinthians, chapter 14, verse 1. verse 12.

To clarify the context :

When one repented from his sins, (meaning to be convicted in his/her heart of being morally guilty before a Perfect, Good and Holy God) and accepted that Christ took the punishment he or she deserved — by offering his life at the Cross — the person will receive instantely perfect forgiveness and perfect Salvation. All of one’s sins, morale failures, and so on, have been transferred, and got fully destroyed in Christ body when He died. All legal charges have been totally annihilated.

It means that, when you’ll stand before God, you will be proclaimed «Righteous », no power of legal condemnation will stand against you — for the very reason you trusted the Gift of penal substitution God offered — through the person of Christ. And, the moment one repented, He inherits the gift of Eternal Life.

Note : Some inherently feel guilty of sin by simple introspection, even without knowing God or the Bible. For others, it can be less clear to identify his own condition of sinner (it was my case, I had trouble to realize that I was a sinner). For those, in order to be convicted of sins — as secular morality always changes — one needs to check up God’s moral standard to inherently feel convicted of sins. Few exemples : (To lie, to steal, to kill, to blaspheme, to idolater, many more). If so, I measure my moral life through God’s moral standard, the answer is simple: Before a Holy and Mighty God, I’m guilty of breaking His moral standard.

So, once a person repented, the person receives what the Bible calls : The Holy Spirit. (Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 38, 39).

It is The Spirit of God that comes to live inside you and changes completely. By His Spirit, you can really love God, and love people. You can live by God’s standards way more easily, because you understand and take delight from them — even thought you can still make mistakes — it isn’t like your previous life. And the Spirit of God will transform you to become like Jesus, the One that offered His life in penal substitution for mankind.

In one’s Christian journey, at some point, in your life, you need to ask God gifts — if you don’t have them yet — to be able to work efficiently. In the presented case : The gift of healing, listed in the first letter to the Corinthians, in the chapter 12, verse 9. The Bible says that gifts need to be used for the common good (both for believers and unbeliever). Not for any sort of spectacles, or fame, nor any kind of self-interest motives. It is meant to serve other and not to be served.

I’m at this point, I know that I need to receive Mercy and Compassion from above, so that praying for the Sicks — until they are perfectly healed — can become a passion to me. I see too many people sick around, and I cannot live like this anymore, especially knowing my theological responsibilities before God and others. Encountering the life of Baldwin made me realize this completely. If you want to, and if you have the time to, please remember me in your prayers, so that God can remember my requests. I don’t have a high opinion of myself, for the reason I know that I’m weak. However, I don’t want to use this as an excuse to complacency.

I have made another video, illustrating the music with the movie « Kingdom of Heaven » to invite you to see more of the videos that changed my heart :

Regarding the aesthetics of the music : I tried to illustrate the oriental world Baldwin lived in by the Baglama High guitar, the Persian ney, the Turkish mey, and Turkish violin. Regarding his franc origins, by western intrustruments . I attempted to illustrate King Baldwin’s intense solitude due to his disease by nude piano notes at the very start. Then, the new elements coming serve to illustrate his Royalty (Horns), Mighty Force (Fortissimo Choirs), Profound Nobleness (Male Choir), Intense Beauty (Soprano’s Choir).

Apologies again for the very long post,

Love you all so much

God bless you