Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well! I am deeply grateful to Christ to share with you a new piece of music called « AZUSA STREET ».

It is part of a mini album of two versions. This first version is mostly orchestral, the second will be more trap/drill oriented.

The contemplation of the track is extremely important to me. As you friends come from all sorts of different spheres, I will try to keep it as simple as possible. Before — even though my music has the Bible as its contemplation — I make music for all of you, no matter what faith you hold, or what your social background is. I don’t make any difference, I love you all equally.

The Bible is a collection of many books in one. There is a book in the Bible called « The Book of Acts ». It tells what happened after the Crucifixion and Resurrection of The Person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Before ascending to Heaven, Jesus Christ asked His disciples to carry His message to the whole world. The main pillar of that message is: « Reconciliation with God, through the forgiveness of sins ».

For many of us, we don’t even know what « sin » is. According to Jesus, it is a law within us inherited from Adam (when He was the first to sin) that causes us to live badly.

This law of sin acts like a disease. It makes man incapable of pleasing God by his actions, his way of life and even his thinking. Furthermore, this law of sin has broken our relationship with God.

We have heard that Jesus came to save mankind. This phrase is very revealing. If we need to be saved by Him, it implies that we are truly lost — and that Christ has revealed the cause. (The Law of Sin).

According to the Scriptures, The Personality and Essence of God is composed of two main columns. Mercy and Holiness. Holiness is terrible. It does not tolerate any evil and is obliged to act against it with judgment. It is, in other words, the « Justice of God. »

If God does not judge evil at some point, we would not be able to attest that God is just. That is why God is obliged to act against it.

Now, if God has to judge evil, are we going to escape it? No, otherwise God would be partial in His Judgment. Even if it varies from person to person, the notion of Good and Evil is present in our hearts, and we know by instrospection when we do evil.

According to God’s Holiness, no one can escape it. This is the first column of His Essence.

The second column, as said above is Mercy. God Loved us so much that instead of being punished and destroyed by Him — because of our sins — He came to die in our place. He took upon Himself the Judgement of Sin we deserved so that we can escape and be saved.

Jesus was God manifested in a human body. When Jesus died on The Cross, He took your sins and mine into His Body. They were transferred from us to Him.

When He expired, our sins died in His Body.

What does this mean? It is called « The Good New » or, in more familiar terms, « The Gospel ». If you sincerely trust in The Sacrifice of Jesus, you will avoid the judgment of God. You will not have to answer for all the wrongs you have done. Jesus paid the price for them.

This will produce in you what is called « repentance. » This means a complete change of lifestyle from the old to the new that truly pleases Christ, because of your trust in His Sacrifice. You were born again the minute you accepted Jesus into your heart. You started a New Life with Him.

This is the message of Jesus Christ for planet Earth. Going back to the Book of Acts and the meaning of music, Jesus said that His message had to be backed up by Divine interventions so that people could be sure.

Divine interventions can be echoed here: healing the sick, casting out demons and performing miracles in His Name.

This is what happened in the book of Acts. This book is a rolling fire. The followers of Christ began to heal the sick in miraculous ways. Some of them even teleported from one place to another. Others raised the dead. God was attesting His Message with them.

This phenomenon was so intense that Christianity spread very quickly, from Jerusalem to the entire Roman Empire in less than a century. Unfortunately, this model in the book of Acts was more and more abandoned. However, not by everyone.

I cannot mention them all here. I am focusing on the Azusa Street Christians. Beginning in 1906, Biblical Christianity revival swept across America like a tornado of fire. It came to extinguish religious formalism and human traditions not written in the Bible. The sick were miraculously healed to levels that make human understanding dizzy.

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