Laying Hands On Baldwin IV

Hello everyone,

I hope that you’re all doing great!

I’m grateful to share with you a new piece of music called « Laying Hands on Baldwin IV ».

This composition is one of the most important I have ever worked on. Especially in the metaphysical realm. I recently discovered the story of a King whose name was Baldwin IV. He was a franc and was the King of Jerusalem during 1174 to 1185 AD. He was, during all of his life, a leper and died at the age of 24. He saved multiple times his kingdom, was a mighty warrior and did his best to keep peace with the Muslim world during his life. You might have known him artistically in the movie « Kingdom of Heaven, (Especially in the Director’s cut Version) ».

Only few times in my life, my heart got broke like this. Once after reading the Gospels and watching the Passion of Christ. (I needed to take a decision after that). Second, in reading the story of Saül and King David, in the two books of Samuel from the Bible. Third after reading the Little Prince. Fourth Baldwin IV. I needed to take a decision after this too.

Before to go further, I put a simple disclaimer here. While I will share my view as a Biblical Christian, this description — as well as all the music shared with you all — is for everyone (atheist, agnostics, polytheists, jews, muslims etc). I love you all the same, and respect you all the same. I don’t make any distinction of any kind when I’m sharing my personal views, I’m simply being transparent. And I will never force my belief upon everyone. I apologies for the long text! It will be mostly focused on Scriptures.

Note : For those who wonder what Biblical-Christianity is: It is trusting only the Bible in matter of Faith, and not anything else. For example the Catholic Church trusts the Bible + traditions of man. Orthodox the same, Bible + tradition. For instance, there is no clergy, pope, prayers to the saints, prayers to Mary, purgatory in the Bible. However, again — to clarify— I consider all Christians from all over the world as my brethren in faith, whatever the denominations, I love them all the same. King Baldwin IV, was a catholic.

To go back to what I have said above, I needed to take a decision after encountering the life of Baldwin IV. The decision to make sicks persons a priority in my life — as Jesus Christ taught — In accordance to my own humble capacities as a human. In more details, to pray for them until they are perfectly healed — whatever the disease. It is called « To Lay Hands on the Sicks ». (Book of Mark Chapter 16, verse 18).

If you ever read the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus’s life was concentrated on healing the sick, casting out demons, proclaiming the forgiveness of sins and repentance. He never stopped doing that. When He offered His life as a penal substitute for the sins of mankind, and Resurrected, He commanded the ones who wanted to follow Him to do exactly like he did (To proclaim the forgiveness of sins, repentance, to heal the sick etc). Here are some Biblical references in case you want to read :

1: Book of Matthew, chapter 10, verse 8.

2: Book of Mark, chapter 16 verse 17-18.

3: Book of John, chapter 14 verse 12.

4: Book of Revelation, chapter 2, verse 26.

5: First letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12, verse 9.

6: Book of Luke, chapter 6, verse 40.

7: Book of Matthew, chapter 17, verse 14. to 20.

8: First letter to the Corinthians, chapter 14, verse 1. verse 12.

To clarify the context :

When one repented from his sins, (meaning to be convicted in his/her heart of being morally guilty before a Perfect, Good and Holy God) and accepted that Christ took the punishment he or she deserved — by offering his life at the Cross — the person will receive instantely perfect forgiveness and perfect Salvation. All of one’s sins, morale failures, and so on, have been transferred, and got fully destroyed in Christ body when He died. All legal charges have been totally annihilated.

It means that, when you’ll stand before God, you will be proclaimed «Righteous », no power of legal condemnation will stand against you — for the very reason you trusted the Gift of penal substitution God offered — through the person of Christ. And, the moment one repented, He inherits the gift of Eternal Life.

Note : Some inherently feel guilty of sin by simple introspection, even without knowing God or the Bible. For others, it can be less clear to identify his own condition of sinner (it was my case, I had trouble to realize that I was a sinner). For those, in order to be convicted of sins — as secular morality always changes — one needs to check up God’s moral standard to inherently feel convicted of sins. Few exemples : (To lie, to steal, to kill, to blaspheme, to idolater, many more). If so, I measure my moral life through God’s moral standard, the answer is simple: Before a Holy and Mighty God, I’m guilty of breaking His moral standard.

So, once a person repented, the person receives what the Bible calls : The Holy Spirit. (Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 38, 39).

It is The Spirit of God that comes to live inside you and changes completely. By His Spirit, you can really love God, and love people. You can live by God’s standards way more easily, because you understand and take delight from them — even thought you can still make mistakes — it isn’t like your previous life. And the Spirit of God will transform you to become like Jesus, the One that offered His life in penal substitution for mankind.

In one’s Christian journey, at some point, in your life, you need to ask God gifts — if you don’t have them yet — to be able to work efficiently. In the presented case : The gift of healing, listed in the first letter to the Corinthians, in the chapter 12, verse 9. The Bible says that gifts need to be used for the common good (both for believers and unbeliever). Not for any sort of spectacles, or fame, nor any kind of self-interest motives. It is meant to serve other and not to be served.

I’m at this point, I know that I need to receive Mercy and Compassion from above, so that praying for the Sicks — until they are perfectly healed — can become a passion to me. I see too many people sick around, and I cannot live like this anymore, especially knowing my theological responsibilities before God and others. Encountering the life of Baldwin made me realize this completely. If you want to, and if you have the time to, please remember me in your prayers, so that God can remember my requests. I don’t have a high opinion of myself, for the reason I know that I’m weak. However, I don’t want to use this as an excuse to complacency.

I have made another video, illustrating the music with the movie « Kingdom of Heaven » to invite you to see more of the videos that changed my heart :

Regarding the aesthetics of the music : I tried to illustrate the oriental world Baldwin lived in by the Baglama High guitar, the Persian ney, the Turkish mey, and Turkish violin. Regarding his franc origins, by western intrustruments . I attempted to illustrate King Baldwin’s intense solitude due to his disease by nude piano notes at the very start. Then, the new elements coming serve to illustrate his Royalty (Horns), Mighty Force (Fortissimo Choirs), Profound Nobleness (Male Choir), Intense Beauty (Soprano’s Choir).

Apologies again for the very long post,

Love you all so much

God bless you


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