Céline, The Son Is With Us

Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope that you, your families and friends are all fine! I’m deeply grateful to God, to share with you a new piece of work called « Céline, The Son Is With Us ».

This orchestration is probably one of the most important and personal I have ever worked on. It is about my sister, « Céline » and her handicap. It is an expression of my personal and everyday life with her and my mother. I never expressed this side of my life, but I felt it was time for multiple reasons. Personal and metaphysical.

About the personal ones : when I don’t make music, my mother and I’s lives, gravitates around her, because of the assistance she needs everyday and every night. Even thought I’m nothing — Céline is responsible for the person I am, and I’m trying to become. Even though it isn’t always easy, it turned out to be one of the greatest blessing I have ever received. I don’t think I would have come to a personal and living Faith in Christ Jesus without her and my mother. I owe her my life!

About the metaphysical ones : The music is first an offering to the Living God — thanking Him for her. The expression « The Son Is With Us » serves to represent Jesus and His constant presence in the middle of that situation. Secondly, the music itself is a request: that God would heal her totally — as He did many times— with many severe diseases throughout history. If you ever feel inclined to pray for her, know that It would mean a lot to me, and I pray that God rewards you.

This music is connected to the story of other composition, such as « Laying Hands On Baldwin IV ». And « By His Stripes We Are Healed ».

About the construction of the piece: the first leitmotiv you hear in the piano in the very start represents Céline and her handicap. The rain you hear all along the piece represents the tears. The entire orchestration, drums, strings, choirs, winds, represents the Aggressiveness, Majesty and Force of The Lord Jesus-Christ of Nazareth — slaying enemies rising in the middle of the path, slaying even her sickness.

At 2:52, it focuses more on the Aggressiveness of the Messiah, destroying ennemies after ennemies which symbolically represents obstacles in ones’s life. The artwork is a representation of Céline when she was a kid. It was done by the beloved Eugénie Frézier Gavand, such a heartfelt artist I deeply love. Feel free friends to support her on her instagram, if you like her talent! https://www.instagram.com/zeuhlianbag… Love you all! God bless you!!

#efisiocross #célinethesoniswithus #eugéniefréziergavand

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