By His Stripes We Are Healed

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing great! I’m deeply grateful to Christ to share with you a new piece of music called «By His Stripes We Are Healed». It’s a contemplation of the 53rd chapter of the book of Isaiah in the Bible. If you already read the description of the music «Laying Hands On Baldwin IV», you might understand this music better. Its main purpose is for people to be healed from their sickness and to get saved. As you friends come from different backgrounds, I will try to stay the most simple possible.

Disclaimer : Here, I only share the Biblical frameworks of Salvation and Healing. I will only stick to Scriptures. If you aren’t aware of theology, you might think, for instance, that the catholic theology is identical to the Biblical one. Both are different — even though they share identical teachings. That is why I only stick to the Original framework, so that we can all have the same foundation while studying it.

There will be two parts, one concerning «Salvation » and the other «Healing ». Isaiah was a Hebrew prophet of God that lived in Israel, circa 600 years before Jesus. He is famous because of the accuracy of the prophecies He gave. One of them concerns the coming Savior of Mankind. It relates how this Savior must suffer, die and resurrect.

Why does the Savior have to suffer, die and resurrect? To answer fully this question, we need to first observe the very nature of God. The nature of God means, His personality, His character, His constitution — what He likes and dit not likes. The Scriptures says that God is Holy. It means that God is too pure to tolerate evil. If God is Holy, He will need to punish evil at some point — otherwise — He wouldn’t be Pure.

In Scriptures, «Evil» is also called «Sin» — a term way more powerful than «a mistake» or «error.» What is evil, what is sin? It is simply a transgression of the moral Law of God.

When we introspect ourself, we also witness that, within our hearts, we also aim for justice. Even though our judgement on it isn’t perfect, we complain when horrors happen, and we desire the guilty to pay the price of their evil. If someone steals from us, won’t we complain for justice?

Now, it is the exact same thing with God — But bigger and perfect. If we measure ourself within God’s moral standards, it would not take long to realise that we also are guilty. For the reason that God’s Justice surpasses all man-made justice — And it’s honestly terrifying.

A simple lie is enough for God to annihilate us. To help us seize the contrast, let’s only take a moment to humbly think of our own sins — If we can, let’s put them right in front of us, whatever the sin, lying, stealing, hating. All the possible evil we did, in thoughts or in action — since we are here on earth.

Imagine that our sins are now displayed into a kind of Giant Screen on Judgement Day. How horrible would it be? Even the smallest secret evil thought would be displayed! It’s true, we wouldn’t stand a minute confronted to God’s Holiness.

The goal in this first section is to humbly make us realize how morally guilty and lost we are, how desperate is our case — if we sincerely measure ourself to God’s Holiness.

Its true, secular morals will always change. On some day, it can be said that lying, or cheating is vertu! We cannot rely on secular justice to understand how sad our moral case is. It is way too unstable, unreliable. Secular justice won’t make us feel bad about our behavior. Going back to God’s Holiness — even though we might have accomplished good deeds, we would still need to pay the price of the evil ones. That’s what Holiness is about, it is absolute.

What would be the verdict of God, if we would stand right before him, at Judgement Day? Would we be guilty or acquitted? We would be guilty and therefore, we would be obligated to pay fully the price of what we did. What is the coast? It sounds desperately sad and terrible, but it’s Damnation and Death. Death of our bodies, mind and soul. That’s how severe God’s Holiness is. That’s a side of God that is not well known today, because of the terror that it really inspire. Is it any way to escape?

I invite you to keep reading, exploring this time another side of the nature of God. God is also Love. We have seen that His Holiness is absolute, we would not stand a second. As absolute it is — so the Love of God.

God so loved us, that He decided to become one of us. He created Himself a body in which He spent 33 years.

And, in His earthly life, He never sinned. He lived a morally perfect life. He never lied, He never stole, He never did any kind of possible evil. But that is not all. Remember the punishment of death we deserved? He transferred it to Him and died instead of you and me at the Cross.  Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ was crucified? It was for that very reason. He became a substitute for mankind. Everytime you look at a cross, you can know what it means fully now.

He suffered Himself the price of yours and mine sins. Not only that — but He destroyed them in His Body once for all. Keep your sins right in front of you, as much as you can. Imagine now that all of them — one by one — are canceled and destroyed. Remember the big screen of Judgement Day written above? It’s now a white and pure screen! Your case is acquitted. Exactly as if you would have never sinned at all. There have been a transfer of sins in order for you and me to be saved — to bypass God’s Judgement.

Pardon the repetition, but God loved you so much, that, instead of punishing you, He punished Himself. He took upon Him the ravaging Punishment we all deserved. How extraordinary is this? God Himself! The Absolute Holy God described above, the One that cannot tolerate the slightest evil! It is a Love beyond human conception.

That’s the heart of the mighty prophecy that the prophet Isaiah wrote. (Remember, Jesus was not even born yet! It was 600 years before He came on earth) Here is a passage :

« Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. ». Book of Isaiah, chapter 53.

How to be acquitted?

If you put your trust in Jesus-Christ of Nazareth, if you sincerely believe that your sins have been transferred and destroyed in His Body for you to be Saved, You will be saved. 

It is also said that Jesus-Christ of Nazareth resurrected from the dead, why? Not only He destroyed sins, but also death at the same time. Death is a curse to mankind due to sin. That is why we all die.

But in order for you to obtain Eternal Life, Jesus-Christ destroyed death in His body as well. Everything in your life will become new the moment you trusted the Sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus-Christ to Save you.

You won’t pass by God’s Judgement. That’s why we call this « The Good New.». He needed to satisfy His Holiness, otherwise — again — He wouldn’t be Holy.

After trusting in Jesus’s Sacrifice and Ressurection for you — your desires will change, your purpose, your way of living, everything will tend to excellency and Goodness. Your relationship with God is re-established. Your heart will desire to please Him because you have been touched by the Love He demonstrated for you, when He died at the Cross and Resurrected.


Now comes the second part regarding Healing. When Jesus was put to torture, he offered us something else. Healing. He unlocked an unlimited source of healing power so that we can taste the Love He has for us. He obtained it because of His Suffering. The present music was created specifically for people to be healed from their sickness whenever they listen to it. Or, if we know sick people around us the idea is to pray for them until something happen. If you know someone’s who’s sick, feel free to put his name in the comment section, and we will ask God to remember each one of them!

I have prayed over it, and I will keep praying so that it can be manifested in your life. This music isn’t mine, but of Christ, it is His work and it is for everyone. If you already are a Christian, I humbly ask you, with all my heart, to pray over it too, so that the music can become effective in healing all kind of sickness.

In Scriptures, it says that The gift of healing was so strong with Peter, that his shadow was healing people! Clothes that touched the disciple Paul healed tons of people as well!

I humbly believe, that, if we combine all of our prayers and faith upon this music, it can do the same. We cannot be everywhere at once, but this humble music can travel faster than us! May God bless you and remember your prayers, may you find them in blessings all over your life.

God bless you,


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